Using A Home Loan Calculator To Compare And Contrast Loans

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Tracey Blackwelder asked 3 weeks ago

Buying a home is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s most likely the biggest investment of your life so you want to make sure you do everything correctly. You’ll have to do a lot of things with the bank to determine how much you can borrow. Be careful because your spending habits are simple because you know how much you spend.

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Just because you don’t miss any bill payments doesn’t mean that you have your debt under control. If you are only paying your minimum payments, you are paying too much money. Run a auto loan calculator to see how much in interest your credit cards will cost you over the next couple of decades if you pay them off by the minimum payment.

I know that it is every person’s dream to make a fortune on the stock market. However, the greedy often fall hard. You have to manage your investments wisely in order to meet your goals. Investing for the long term is a wise way to mitigate the risk that is associated with the stock market. Over time, the stock market goes up and down. However, history shows us that it usually goes up a little higher than it goes down. In thirty years, debt-free life you could see as much as a 10% return on your investments.

But how much can you afford? this is a question that frightens many potential boat owners. You can find a boat rental property calculator on most boat lender’s sites and you can quickly get a monthly payment estimate by entering the loan amount and the length of financing. The interest rate is usually provided.

Your debt to income ratio is very easy to figure out. The bank will approve you for about 40% of your gross monthly income in this economy. So take your average gross in come over the last two years and divide it into months. Less say you average income was $70,000 divided by 12 months equals about $5,800.00. The bank will allow you to use about 40% of that which is $2300.00. Then you have to subtract all investment calculator of your monthly loans. Any car loan, mortgage loan, student loans and insurance. All of the house expenses are factored in by the bank so you don’t have to include that.

Since 1980, the typical price of property in Vancouver increased by 473.7% while the average price in Canada reached 366.4%, from $100,065 to $574,061. Home ownership increased from 58.5% to 65.1% during almost the corresponding period (since 1981). If you examine at the rate of inflation over the corresponding time frame you can see the disparity. According to the Bank of Canada inflation calculator, it got to 156.6% for the equivalent period. In other words: investing $100,000 into real estate 30 years ago would afford you just about $320,000 net return.

You can use such a calculator to experiment with different scenarios in paying off your debt. How long will it take to pay off your student loans if you pay $5 extra per month? What if you only make the minimum payment on your credit card each month?

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