Casey Affleck, Jennifer Garner and JLo's THREE exes miss wedding

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As Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot on Saturday in a star-studded wedding ceremony, there were a number of notable absences. 

Missing out on the ‘Bennifer’s’ big day are the groom’s brother, Casey Affleck, and ex-wife Jennifer Garner, as well as all three of Lopez’s ex-husband, Ojani Noa, Cris Judd and Marc Anthony. 

Casey’s, who is well known for being close to his brother, was spotted at a Los Angeles coffee shop wearing baggy clothes on Saturday, the morning of the ceremony.

It is unclear why Casey appeared in no rush to make it for his brother’s big day, even as their mother was rushed to the hospital from Ben’s Georgia estate Friday, after she reportedly fell off a dock and cut her leg. 

Sources told PEOPLE that Casey, 47, missed his brother’s wedding ‘because of family, parental obligations at home.’ 

Casey co-parents two sons, Indiana, 18, and Atticus, 14, with ex-wife Summer Phoenix, sister of Joaquin Phoenix.  

Casey Affleck was spotted carrying a pair of cups from a Starbucks in Los Angeles on Saturday morning. Sources told PEOPLE that Casey, 47, missed his brother’s wedding ‘because of family, parental obligations at home’

Also missing out on the wedding is Jennifer Garner, who was married to Ben between 2005 and 2018. Although they remain close friends and are co-parenting their three kids, Garner said she had to miss out on the ceremony because she was working in Texas

Marc Anthony will not be attending the wedding as it comes on the heels of the end of his latest musical tour in Europe. He shares twins with Lopez

It is unknown if Lopez’s first husband, Ojani Noa (left) or second husband, Cris Judd (right) received an invitation to the star-studded wedding

Casey had previously been spotted in LA with girlfriend Caylee Cowan, 24, and he was reportedly among the attendees expected for the big wedding bash at his brothers $8.9 million Georgia estate. 

There hasn’t been any reported bad blood between the siblings, even after the younger Affleck faced lawsuits over sexual assault allegations in 2019. 

Like Casey, Garner, who was married to Affleck for 13 years, appeared to have a good reason on why she decided to skip out on her ex’s big day.

Although she was invited to attend the ceremony, the 50-year-old Alias actress declined due to a scheduling conflict that sees her working in Texas this week. 

Despite their split in 2018, Garner and Affleck have remained close friends as they co-parent their three children, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Sam, 11.   

The kids, however, will be attending to support their dad on his new marriage. 

Although  Garner will be missing out on the wedding, Affleck’s children will be there to support their dad. Pictured: the former couple with daughter Violet and son Sam 

Lopez (left) was only married to Noa for 11 months after their wedding in 1997

She married Judd (right) in 2001, and the couple divorced by 2003

Following the split with Judd, JLO married Marc Anthony in 2004. The two stayed together for 10 years and had twins Emme and Max before they divorced





Here come the A-listers! Matt Damon as well as ‘Jay and… Ben Affleck kisses JLo on the steps of his $8.9m Georgia…

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Like with Affleck and Garner, Lopez has remained close to her ex-husband, Marc Anthony as they, too, are engaged in co-parenting their twins, Emme and Max. 

Anthony will not be attending the wedding as it comes on the heels of the end of his latest musical tour in Europe. 

Emme and Max, however, were spotted arriving in Georgia along Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe, and her sister, Lynda. 

It is unknown if Anthony, who was married to JLo for a decade before their split in 2014, received an invitation to the wedding, or if Lopez’s other exes were asked to join. 

Lopez was married to one of her backup dancers, Cris Judd, between 2001 and 2003. The two had met during the filming of her ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ music video. 

Before Judd, Lopez was with Cuban-born waiter Ojani Noa, who she met in 1996 in Gloria Estefan’s Miami restaurant. 

The two got hitched in 1997 and were only together for 11 months before breaking up in 1998. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (top) were caught sharing a kiss on the morning of their big wedding on Saturday

JLo was seen waiting for Affleck at the top of the stairs of his $8.9 million estate as they prep for the big event 

An actual wedding bell was seen being set up at Affleck’s $8 million Georgia mansion ahead of Saturday evenings nuptials

A white grand piano was also seen at the lavish estate, suggesting live music was on the cards for Bennifer’s big day 

Lopez shared a big hug with one of the guests that arrived with Affleck, who hurried inside with a bag around his shoulder

As they prepare for the big moment, Affleck and beaming bride shared a kiss atop the steps of his rural estate in Riceboro, a month after they secretly wed in a small Las Vegas service. 

The pair’s happy reunion comes 20 years after they first dated and got engaged, only to call-off their wedding in fall 2003, blaming excessive media attention.  

Photos show the happy couple on the steps of the Big House, a plantation-style mansion that is the focal point of the $8.9 million estate.

Lopez, already decked out in her stunning white gown, greets Affleck affectionately as he ascends the staircase. Following the early kisses and hugs, the couple head into the home to prepare for the big ceremony. 

The couple are now enjoying their evening celebration. A fire truck was spotted arriving at the property shortly after 8pm, but onlookers say it did not have its lights or siren on, and there was no sense of urgency. 

On the menu will be fried pork chops, rice and vegetables, a staple of Puerto Rico, where Lopez’s family hails from, along with other barbecue treats amid the sizzling 88 degree weather.

Also on the menu will be oven-roasted chicken and mac and cheese, as the couple is embracing Southern cuisine for their Georgia wedding.   

Among the A-Listers expected to celebrate the couple include Matt Damon, George Clooney, Jane Fonda, Renee Zellweger and Jimmy Kimmel.  

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