Can Roofing Shingles Cause Meningitis?

Misty Byatt asked 3 weeks ago

While tiles as well as meningitis are both caused by viruses, they are not the very same infection. In some uncommon instances, the varicella-zoster infection that causes tiles can additionally cause viral meningitis. Living with tiles or meningitis can be challenging, yet with the appropriate therapy and support, most individuals can make a full healing.

While shingles and also meningitis are both triggered by infections, they are not the same virus. In some uncommon cases, the varicella-zoster infection that triggers shingles can additionally create viral meningitis. It’s unusual, people with tiles can develop meningitis. Living with roof shingles or meningitis can be tough, but with the right therapy and support, a lot of people can make a complete healing. In conclusion, while it is uncommon, shingles can lead to meningitis, specifically in individuals with weakened immune systems.